my little nook...

my little nook...
Artisan Barn Fair, Skaneateles, NY 2011



i can't believe the last time i wrote a post in my long-lost blog was


sooooooooooooooo very sorry...............

i guess i've been so very busy, or pulled in too many different directions, or my head is just not screwed on right... but i guess i forgot all about sorry, my little itty-bitty blog!

so, here i am....i'm back...for whomever reads this, which is nobody since i haven't written in it for a whole year!

okay....time for a goes:

my kids are growing...i have a teenager...

and an 11 year old...

and a five year old GIRL!

my husband is lovely

...i'm working quite hard at restoring paintings and murals for West Lake Conservators (

have been helping my chef husband can and sell his famous Curried Green Tomato Relish "The Chris"

and have been drying and jarring herbs from my own garden naturally and organically grown and dried

have had both my son's Odyssey of the Mind teams over to celebrate a great year with an Easter Egg Dyeing Party:

 ... i have started some of the seeds for our annual community garden, started 5 years ago by Joy LoPiccolo and myself

... my house is a mess, not only from my 5 year old Clara Rose's girl toys, but from MY many piles of crafting projects for the upcoming:

 Lakeside Artistry Spring Fair 2013 ( !!!

here are a few items that i will have for sale at the Fair:

i promise i"ll write again real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!